Jushi Sinosia Group aspires to provide its clients with world-class quality and competitive products and services. In line with the spirit of Innovation, Substance and Harmony. We monitor market change closely and lay out long-term strategy.

With continued growth, Jushi Sinosia Group is actively seeking business partners & talented candidates who can help in contributing “productive & pioneering works” to transform the group into “ Modern & Solid enterprises”. We believe that to achieve Jushi Sinosia Common objectives, One of the important direction to make things to be better is by pursuing innovative change, thru a together TEAMWORK (existing executives + New comers of either new partners and /or, talented members), things could become better.

We are to make a difference, by strictly following this concept working ways:-

  • At one side, Jushi Sinosia keeps on cultivating well-educated personnel and /or partners, then, forming them into an Executive teamwork at suitable time, as outlined !
  • At another end & at the same time, to review the working system, then, to come up with better growing strategies to cope with market challenge.

Our target objective is to create Jushi Sinosia to be fully independent & powerful Organization that We ALL the existing and new team members can feel the pride & satisfaction ! For more information on business investment, cooperation, please contact greatwin@hkstar.com.